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Chaos Paranormal

What will Chaos Paranormal do?

  • We will take our time with each client and listen.

  • We will conduct an investigation, FREE OF CHARGE, with professionalism and with the best equipment available.

  • We will document each case from start to finish.

  • We will keep your information absolutely confidential.

  • We will conduct house cleansings specific to your paranormal activity AND belief system.

  • We will sit down with you and in a professional manner, and talk to you about what we think needs to be done. Ultimately the choice is yours as to what you want to do.

  • We will teach you how to cleanse your home so that you can take your house back!

  • We will answer your call, or voicemail, within a 24-hr period. We have never taken longer than 4 or 5 hours but just in case we like to give ourselves 24 hrs.

  • We will help you to understand your haunting and help you to be comfortable in your home again!

  • We get the kids to sleep in their own beds instead of with mom and dad!!


What Chaos Paranormal will NOT do

  • We will not charge you for an investigation

  • We will not treat you like you're crazy. (I still wish I had a nickel for every time someone started with, “You may think I’m crazy but….”)

  • We will not stir things up in your home and then leave you with paranormal activity to contend with.

  • We will not tell you what you want to hear, BUT we will tell you the truth! If we don’t think your home or property is haunted we will tell you just that. If you’re looking to be the next famous “haunted house”, you have the wrong investigators.


Between the three of us, we have over 70 years of paranormal experience. We love what we do and meeting new and interesting people. We are here to help.

If they HAUNT you…We HUNT them!

The Team


Jeaninne Slattery - Owner / Lead Investigator / Researcher

Hey Everybody! I am Jeaninne, the Co-Owner and Lead Investigator of this great team of talented women. There are only three of us but we are the best at what we do. We have each other’s backs at all times. As for me, I am a wife, a mom, a sister, and also a practicing witch. I love to go to the notoriously haunted places like prisons, and asylums, but most of all knowing that we have helped someone feel comfortable in their own home is the best reward! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like seeing a shadow person or apparition, or as scary as having a member partially possessed! (Debbie, that was scary!!) That’ll get the blood pumping for sure! I also love to read the many case studies of hauntings as well as taking demonology courses. I also like to know the history behind a property since this has a lot to do with the haunting normally. I get that from my genealogical research into my own family. People like to ask all the time, “What made you want to investigate the paranormal?” I guess I would have to answer that with this, I have always had an overwhelming wonder about death and being a descendant of the builder of the infamous Franklin Castle, Hannes Tiedemann, I have always heard the stories of hauntings and murder.” What happens when you die? Why do some people haunt but others don’t? What happens to the “soul”? These are only some of the many questions I want to answer for myself and others. If you have tried the rest, welcome to the best! We are Chaos Paranormal!


Debbie Shuler - Owner / Lead Investigator / Researcher

Hi everyone,  Debbie here I am the co-owner and Lead Investigator of Chaos Paranormal. I am also a mother, grandmother, practicing witch, sister and reverend.  I have experienced paranormal happenings in my life since I was a little girl. Living in haunted houses, seeing black figures, hearing my father walk across my bedroom floor, hearing him call my name, seeing my grandmother’s Virgin Mary photo smiling at me and when I was weee little having my great uncle who had passed away come and play with me are only a few of the happenings I have experienced. Needless to say the paranormal has always intrigued me.  I am the one in the group that just starts walking around to see if I can pick up anything, when things are really negative I have to leave just till I can get my bearings, I get headaches, sick to my stomach and have even told the girls that people are just not what they seem to be because of the feelings I get.  I’m also the one that opens herself up too much, even to that point of partial possession, but that’s ok I know that the girls have my back and hey that’s what we sometimes have to do to find the answers we are looking for.  Being a paranormal investigator for me is not just going to asylums, prisons, castles and caves, yeah that’s cool and one hell of a rush!! But to help those people who need it and to let them know that they are not crazy these things do exist and we are here to help.


Jackie Shuler - Owner / Lead Investigator / Tech Specialist

Hay, Hay it’s Jackayy! I am the co-owner and Tech Specialist for Chaos Paranormal also the creator of the one and only Jackie’s Vlogs. I have been investigating for about 9 years now. That’s right, I started young. Visiting West Virginia Penn in Moundsville, WV for my very first ghost hunt was when I found what one of my true passions in life was. Ghost hunting for me, over the years has become much more than just something that I think is cool… honestly I was 16 when I first dove into the paranormal, cool was the only reason needed but it has grown into my belief. Demonology courses, new equipment, developing equipment and exploring all the new theories are just some of the paranormal related tasks that take up much of my time. There is a whole bunch of information I could spend time telling you but for the more entertaining version just tune into my Jackie’s Vlogs. Keep on keepin’ on! Peace out!


Bailey Slattery - Intern

Hi! I'm Bailey, an intern working with Chaos Paranormal. I've been interested in the paranormal and macabre since I was a child, and only recently have begun to help Chaos Paranormal with their investigations and evidence. Being Jeaninne's daughter, I've been raised around the supernatural my entire life. I look forward to learning more and expanding my skill set as time goes on.

Outside of Chaos Paranormal, I'm an artist and an engineering student who one day aspires to work for NASA as an aerospace engineer!

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