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Our Biggest Fan

On November 2, 2018, Debbie and Jackie unexpectedly lost their mother and grandmother, Barb.

As soon as we were in the car together and on our way to an investigation, Debbie would say, "Let's call Mom!" Deb would then call Barb and tell her where we were headed. She would want to know all the details. What were the claims of paranormal activity, where we are staying, what time would we be finished and what time would we be home. She was our paranormal den mother. Before we would hang up she would tell us, "be careful", and "love you". Barb would be the first online when we would do a Facebook, LIVE event and would stay on as long as she could. She even came to a few of our investigations. She would never fail to say something that would leave us laughing to the point of tears. She was hilarious!

Afterward, she would discuss with us what had happened on our investigations and give us her opinion on what she thought was going on. She would ask all kinds of questions and tell us to be careful on the way home. Understand that this was sometimes between 3 to 4 o'clock a.m.! She would wish us a good night and tell us to be careful on the way home.

Barb will be terribly missed by all who knew her. Thanks Mom, for the encouragement, thanks for the love, and thanks for being our biggest fan!

We Love You!

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