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Types of Hauntings



The spirit of a person that was once living. The haunting is complete with understanding and personality.

These spirits are able to interact with intelligence. This means, if asked a question, they are able to answer with the appropriate response.

EX:  Investigator says, " Can you knock on the wall and tell me how many children you have?"


There are three knocks indicating three children, which is correct.

If "grandpa" wasn't a very nice person during his lifetime, it is most likely that he is not a very nice person in death.


This happens when an event imprints itself in an area. The action can happen every day, once a month, once a year or even once a decade. Usually, but not always, proceeded by a traumatic event. The spirit will repeat the same action again and again. It seems as though even after making changes to the environment, like the demolition of a building and building new or putting in a wall where there was once a doorway, has no effect on the action of the spirit. The same action will still happen as if nothing had changed. 

EX #1 Traumatic Event:

A murdered woman is found in her three-story home on February 1, 1985. Years later, after demolishing the home due to the nature of the crime, a family builds a new home, a ranch,  on the same plot of land. 


On the evening of February 1st at approximately 10:30 p.m. The family hears what sounds like someone is running down the stairs and a scream.


They hear this EVERY February 1st.

EX #2 Non-Traumatic Event:

Grandma always made dinner on Sundays. Until her death in 2011. She was 78. Her grandson was gifted her house to keep it in the family. 

Every Sunday at around 11 a.m., her grandson, hears the aging of pots and pans and the opening and closing of cupboards. It is as if grandma is still making her famous Lasagna, he can actually smell it!


In German literally interpreted as "noisy spirit", this is the type of haunting that most people are familiar with.

A poltergeist haunting usually takes place around a specific person. Usually, pre-pubescent females. The female body has such powerful energy during this time that she may be able to react with her environment. This can also happen with the same age boys but is very rare. The activity seems to start with the onset of extreme emotion. Those that create this type of activity most times, never realize that it is them that are fact making it happen.



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